Dear friends, business partners and representatives of culture and education.

A Chinese proverb says: “If you want to get rich, start by building roads.”Wealth does not only mean material wealth, but also cultural richness and harmony of human life and society. Who else than individuals connected by a common vision form the basis of the progress and upliftment of society and spirit to a new, higher level.

Our CSCC chamber is one of those “roads” and its ambition is to help build a deeper connection between two Central European countries, the Czech and the Slovak Republic, and the People’s Republic of China, one the most important cultural and industrial countries of Asia.

We welcome you to join us to walk on the new Silk Road of the 21st century. On this journey, you will be accompanied by a team of professionals with a deep knowledge of the cultures from the Czech and Slovak Republic as well as from China.

Let us walk together on the way of exchange of technological experience, trade and tourism, development of education.

Let us all help each other to develop good relations of Czech, Slovak and Chinese people, as it was resolved by Czech and Chinese Presidents during the visit in Prague. The year of Fire Rooster is destined to us.

Petr Bednarčík, Chairman of CSCC



Petr Bednarčík
Petr BednarčíkChairman
Long-term experience in managing large teams, specialist in external relations and expert on education and HR processes.
Rudolf Zachoval
Rudolf ZachovalExecutive board
Expert on technologies. Long-term stay in China. Knowledge of the enviroment, technical project support, evaluation of technologies suitable for cooperation with China.
Ivan Adámek
Ivan AdámekExecutive board
Public relations, expert on business solutions, preparation of business contracts.
Ludvík Pavlíček
Ludvík PavlíčekChairman executive board
Expert on business solutions, preparation and realization of business contracts.
Indira Gumarová Kmoníčková
Indira Gumarová KmoníčkováSupervisory board
Public relations and media communication director
Patrik Joachimczyk
Patrik JoachimczykSupervisory board
Expert on aviation industry and industrial areas of it.
Šárka Zhang
Šárka ZhangSupervisory board
Expert on languages, chinesse and english. Long-term stay in China, knowledge of enviroment.
Aleš Kalivoda
Aleš KalivodaSupervisory board
Expert on cultural exchange.
Radovan Čaplovič
Radovan ČaplovičSupervisory board
Specialized in communication and marketing. Engaged in promoting the arts, culture and related fields.
Otto Stefan Machal
Otto Stefan MachalSupervisory board
Long-term cooperation with prominent partners in China.
Ladislav Eliáš
Ladislav EliášSupervisory board
Miroslav Michalec
Miroslav MichalecSupervisory board
Kateřina Knopfová
Kateřina KnopfováSupervisory board
Miroslav Roman
Miroslav RomanSupervisory board
Jindřich Soukal
Jindřich SoukalSupervisory board
Ing. Ján Michelík
Ing. Ján MichelíkSupervisory board