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On August 3, 2017, CSCC welcomed delegation from Yunfu and hosted investment forum with the leadership of Yunfu region. The event was held under the auspices of Mr. Milan Šarapatka, a member of Parliament, in Parliament of the Czech Republic. Yunfu region is in the south of China, Guandong province, approximately 300 km west of Hong Kong. Yunfu region has been gradually integrating into the world's largest-built industrial complex, the newly-built Heshan city with a planned capacity of 84 million inhabitants. This super-city is formed by the merging of areas at the mouth of the Pearl River and gradually joins


This day, CSCC started work on materials for implementation of two technologies in Dubai, that are being prepared by CSCC as a part of One Belt One Road for countries along OBOR route with similar climate conditions as in United Arab Emirates.


During the afternoon, we participated in a meeting with IGEA representative about implementation of CSCC projects, that CSCC prepared for the People’s Republic of China. The day was ended with a dinner which was organised by GEA project’s director, Ms. Susan Wang for CSCC and the president of CSCC Mr. Petr Bednarčík. We were accopanied to the airport by Ms. Susan Wang after the dinner, where said goodbye to us.


A very important day for CSCC and its closer cooperation with the People’s Republic of China. Formal signing of a document, where Mr. Deng Jihai, the director of IGEA, entered CSCC as its vice-president, was held at IGEA headquarters that is situated in CBD Beijing. Our organizations connected activities and strengthened the longterm and valuable cooperation by this signature. This cooperation also contains of the integration of projects and economic and political relationship development between the People’s Republic of China, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. This signature follows up the visit of IGEA representative Ms. Susan Wang in


A meeting with our partner law office Dowway & Partners in Beijing, where we were discussing the implementation of our business cases that we started to work on before. We also agreed on several other CSCC projects that are prepared for One Belt, One Road. We had a chance to visit two unique parks in Beijing after this meeting. Zhongshan Park where the Altar of Earth and Harvests is situated, and Beihai Park.


Anshan & Shenyang cities, Liaoning province. Business visit at this province and establishing of cooperation with important companies, university and leadership of the province. Very pleasant and valuable meeting in terms of intense development of cooperation with the People’s Republic of China.


As a guest of CIFTIS fair, CSCC members spent this day by visiting the trade fair and by establishing new contacts and cooperation with exhibitors and regions of the People’s Republic of China. After this there was very pleasant visit of a man, who greatly contributed to development of cooperation between the Czech and Slovak Republic and the People’s Republic of China. The whole CSCC delegation that was led by its president Mr. Petr Bednarčík visited Mr. Jia Long, who translated and interpreted huge amount of visits, delegations and projects in the past 60 years. In the evening, CSCC visited


GBO-Global company organises an event “Conference on the Belt and Road Cooperation 2017” for delegations from all over the world during CIFTIS fair. The conference was launched by Mr. Jihai Deng, director of IGEA. The conference consists of presentations of countries along the Silk Road. The Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic are represented by members of CSCC, namely the president of CSCC Mr. Petr Bednarčík and Mrs. Šárka Zhang who made the speech. They also presented projects and technologies for One Belt, One Road. These technologies are represented and introduced by members of CSCC, Rudolf Zachoval, Šárka Zhang, Ludvík